About Alan


Alan is the ‘real life’ Australian larrikin but hidden under the smile is a serious, generous and caring person.

Alan’s life so far in his own words are “up until now has only been practice for what is to come”.

Alan openly shares his extensive knowledge. He tells it as he sees it.

He experienced a miracle recovery from a life threatening complaint and can now tell the story of his survival which touches and inspires all who hear it.

His Keynote Presentations are very entertaining, humourous, serious. They hold the audience’s attention with marvelous, inspirational stories that are always delivered with passion and sincerity making the experience real! His Presentations can be tailored for an ‘after dinner” speech or any ‘corporate’ requirement.

Past experiences enlightened Alan to the need for competent negotiators and mediators in all walks of life. His people skills, coupled with studied techniques as an accredited Mediator makes him an ideal choice when seeking any dispute resolution.

Alan is a ‘Mental Toughness’ expert.  His first-hand experience at overcoming extreme challenges in health, business, legal battles and sport has more than qualified him to speak on ‘Mental Toughness’.

Alan is available to travel throughout Australia and overseas.

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